Equity Derivative Trading and Clearing

KBOFX enables the trading of shares, commodities, listed derivatives (futures and options), equity index transactions, fixed income instruments, swaps agreements as well as currencies including cryptocurrencies.

Our trading platforms offer trading opportunities to institutional investors, who often pursue more intricate trading strategies and frequently trade on the floor, as well as retail investors, algorithmic trading firms, and market makers, who prefer electronic trading.

At KBOFX, traders have the opportunity to participate in derivative trading, which encompasses a variety of financial instruments. These instruments include fixed-income options and futures, index options and futures, as well as stock options and futures. By offering such a comprehensive range of derivative products, KBOFX caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its users. Whether traders are interested in hedging their positions, speculating on market movements, or seeking arbitrage opportunities, KBOFX provides the necessary tools and resources to facilitate their trading activities.

As the CCP (Central Counterparty Clearing), KBOFX Clearing provides clearing services for interest rate swaps, stock options and futures, index options and futures, and fixed-income options and futures. Additionally, KBOFX Clearing runs a clearing service for the market for resale and repurchase agreements.

Cash Equity Trading

Our cash equity exchange provides a comprehensive trading solution for investors, offering a range of trading options for securities listed on the KBOFX as well as those that are not. Our platform is designed to cater to the needs of all market players, including market makers, broker-dealers, and licensed securities exchanges.

With the help of our platform, market players can engage in cross-border trading and settlement with ease. Our innovative system makes it possible to use a single trading interface, which simplifies the process of trading and settlement across different markets. This streamlined approach enables cross-membership, which helps to reduce transaction costs and improve market efficiency.

In addition, our platform provides a single source for data products, making it easier for traders to access the information they need to make informed investment decisions. Our data products are carefully curated to ensure that they are reliable, accurate, and up-to-date, and are available to all our users through our platform.

FICC (Fixed Income and Commodities)

Our FICC business comprises the KBOFX Fixed Income business and KBOFX Commodities.

Real-time institutional trading of benchmarks is offered by the electronic trading platform. KBOFX offers trading access to the Treasury securities market with a variety of trading instruments to satisfy different fixed income financial objectives.

For fixed income products throughout Southeast Asia, the KBOFX Fixed Income offers a range of products and services, including listing, trading, and clearing. Bilateral interactions between buyers and sellers result in trades in fixed income derivatives, which are then reported to KBOFX Clearing for CCP clearing. Both the buyer and the seller are represented by KBOFX Clearing as counterparties.

The global line of commodities-related goods and services offered by KBOFX is marketed under the name KBOFX Commodities. This global line of products and services includes a wide range of investment opportunities in various commodities such as precious metals, energy, agriculture, and more. With KBOFX Commodities, investors can benefit from expert advice, market insights, and advanced trading tools to make informed investment decisions in the dynamic world of commodities trading.

Trade Management Services

We offer market participants a wide range of options for connecting to and using our markets. By switching from proprietary to third-party networks, we have been able to significantly lower network and technology expenses and boost system scalability while preserving performance and reliability.

Our marketplaces can be accessed using a series of different protocols that are utilized for connectivity to various data sources, order input, trade reporting, DROP functionality, and quotation.

A front-end interface that enables market participants to examine data and input orders, quotations, and trade reports is the KBOFX UniqTrader Technology, which is another service we provide. We also provide a range of add-on compliance products to support businesses in adhering to regulatory standards.

Additionally, we provide a variety of wireless connectivity paths using millimeter wave and microwave technology between certain data centers. Our broker services activities provide financial participants in the market with technology and specialized securities administration solutions. The majority of services are adaptable back-office systems that enable customers to fully or partially outsource the back-office operations of their businesses.

KBOFX specializes in offering a comprehensive range of services to businesses, including business registration, clearing and settlement, management of corporate actions for reconciliations, and reporting to authorities. In addition, we take care of the registration process for customers and accounts, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for our clients. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to provide top-notch services that meet the unique needs of each business we work with.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Solution provider offers services to businesses both on the Exchange and those that are privately owned. These solutions cater specifically to the needs of corporate clients. We aid companies in managing the exchange of information with their critical stakeholders, such as board members, investors and clients, alongside the general public, by employing our innovative technology solutions combined with analytics and consulting services.

We currently provide Corporate Solutions products and services in the following key areas:

Investor Relations - We provide platforms, investor relations webcasting, press release services, analytics, consulting services, and investor relations content. Investor relations officers can manage their investor relations programs using a variety of tools and information, including our KBOFX IR Insight platform, to comprehend their investor base, manage meetings, and read the research, consensus estimates, and news while adhering to corporate governance and disclosure requirements.

Board and Leadership - For boards of directors or any team cooperating on confidential materials and projects, we provide secure collaboration tools. So that board members and teams can work more efficiently and productively, our solutions protect sensitive data and promote constructive cooperation.

Public Relations Solutions - We provide clients with solutions to identify, target, oversee, and evaluate their public relations program. We offer databases of traditional and social media contacts, supported by our own research experts. Our network of news release distributors enables clients to inexpensively reach audiences around the world. Our array of technological solutions and knowledgeable analysts assist clients in tracking important news outlets for their name, reputation, products, and industry competitors as well as assessing the effectiveness of their communications initiatives.

Digital Media Services - Our customers can create webcasts for a variety of purposes, including investor relations, public relations, marketing, and internal communications, due to the platform and services we provide. Additionally, we support web hosting services.

Information Services 

Data Products

Our Data Products division is responsible for selling and distributing historical and real-time quotation and trade information to a wide range of market participants. These include the sell-side and the buy-side, retail online brokers, proprietary trading shops, various trading venues, internet portals, and data distributors. Our division's services enable these recipients to make well-informed trading decisions and stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and movements.

Our data solutions play a crucial role in enhancing market activity transparency on the Exchange, providing both professional and non-professional investors worldwide with vital information. By leveraging our advanced technology and comprehensive data analysis, we empower investors to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the global market. Our commitment to transparency ensures that all participants have access to accurate and up-to-date information, fostering a fair and efficient trading environment.

Index Licensing Services

KBOFX offers Index Licensing Services that are highly sought after in the financial industry. As a top index provider, we specialize in creating and licensing financial products, derivatives, and indexes under the KBOFX rules. In addition, we offer specialized calculating services to our third-party clients.

Our trademark licenses are customized to meet the unique requirements of each client and product. The license cost is calculated based on several factors, including the underlying assets, the cash value of the product, the number of products issued, and the number of traded contracts.

We also offer licensing services for futures, options on futures, and cash-settled options on our indices. Our licensing services are designed to ensure that our clients can leverage our expertise and experience to create highly effective and profitable financial products.

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