The greatest asset at KBOFX is its personnel. The Exchange has a professional and knowledgeable team of experts that are committed to meeting the demands of their customers and creating long-term value for the company's shareholders. KBOFX is determined to foster a culture where principles like candor, merit, respect, integrity, transparency, and imagination are upheld, just as a society actively adopts norms or conventions to create an appropriate environment. Each of these principles is fundamental to KBOFX and not only links the others but also strengthens them.

KBOFX wants to serve the underlying economic interests of the region by acting as the hub of international commerce for different financial products. We think every person has extraordinary potential. By offering top financial services, KBOFX offers the most opportunities for those who want to develop and support Japan's economy. We invite people to join and work with KBOFX if they are prepared to commit and have high integrity values in order to help the growth of the commodity futures trading sector.


Continuous learning and development represent your growth path. We are dedicated to advancing our financial markets and the communities they support. We believe in preparing our employees for success in their current roles as well as enhancing their capacity to advance their careers in the long run. We encourage you to make use of the many chances we offer in order to support your ambition to develop and challenge yourself to new heights.

At KBOFX, we think it is important to invest in our employees' development so they may flourish in their current roles and future-proof their ability to pursue long-term career goals. At every level of our organization, we value curiosity and promote a learn-it-all attitude. We also support our colleagues' aspirations for personal growth and professional advancement. We urge you to take advantage of the many opportunities we offer.

To further your growth, you will have access to structured courses, digital learning, mentoring, and a wide range of official, informal, and social learning opportunities. These will put an emphasis on leadership, individual effectiveness, and technical and business abilities. By utilizing the experience of others who are working alongside you, some of the best minds in the field, you'll increase your confidence and acquire new insights.

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