Welcome To Kobe Options and Futures Exchange (KBOFX)

KBOFX provides easy-to-use platforms that allow clients to access a broad range of financial markets all over the world. These online tools not only facilitate trading in different asset classes but also offer high-quality post-transaction services. Currently, KBOFX's diverse offerings include equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives as well as index trading, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

The Exchange is a pioneer in modernizing the infrastructure of its financial markets and positioning itself as a major global financial hub. KBOFX has made changes to the listing procedure that make it simpler and fully compliant with international standards. The new listing regulations have also tightened the standards for listed businesses' corporate governance, which is equally crucial. The Exchange is constantly enhancing the range of indices as well as the product support it offers and the guidelines for how different types of clients can use market data.

The Foundation of Our Long-Term Success

With its business being governed by the values of vigilance, transparency, and reliability, KBOFX is able to achieve its corporate goals due to its highly qualified and dedicated workforce. All of KBOFX's operations are focused on meeting the demands of its stakeholders, with whom it maintains ongoing partnerships.

KBOFX recognizes the significance of corporate social responsibility in today's world and has incorporated it into its business plan. The organisation has put in place a comprehensive and effective strategy that focuses on the sustainable growth of Japan's economy, society, and environment. This strategy applies not only to the business itself but also to its personnel, who are encouraged to act responsibly and contribute towards achieving KBOFX’s social responsibility goals. With this approach, KBOFX aims to be a responsible corporate citizen and make a positive impact on the world.

Mission Statement

KBOFX is a highly advanced and sophisticated platform that plays a vital role in ensuring complete transparency in Japan's capital market. The Exchange takes great pride in supporting the development of Japan's investment culture by providing cutting-edge infrastructure and technology that enable seamless trading and investment activities. Additionally, KBOFX is committed to introducing new and innovative products that meet the ever-changing needs of investors, and it takes extensive measures to enhance the primary capital market's competitiveness on the global stage. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, KBOFX is widely regarded as the backbone of Japan's capital market.


KBOFX works on two strategic objectives:

Strengthening the Domestic Market

KBOFX is essential for the continued development of the Japanese capital market because it is what makes it transparent. Its efforts are concentrated on ongoing work to maintain regulatory environments that support both the admittance and development of innovative products as well as the capital market.

Additionally, the Exchange participates in a wide range of activities to enhance Japan's investment culture and promotes itself among foreign trading participants and overseas investors as a reliable domestic capital market.

By attracting new issuers, private and institutional investors, trading participants, and clients for data and index licenses, the KBOFX supports the sustainable growth of the supply and demand for capital through its ongoing information and communications activity at the national and worldwide levels.

Cooperation Network in Southeast Asia Region

KBOFX is renowned throughout the world for its expertise in the Southeast Asia Region as a contemporary infrastructure and services provider with a wide-ranging cooperative network of stock exchanges in this region. Our goal is to foster networking and get multinational clients to pay more attention to the local markets. We act as a one-stop shop for institutional clients, serving as their primary approach to Southeast Asian markets. A shared IT trading system, the broadcast of stock exchange data from several of the cooperation exchanges, and the computation of regional indexes are a few examples of cooperation projects.

Social Responsibility

Active participation in environmental contributions is a crucial aspect of every business operation. At our organization, we strongly believe that investing in social activities like arts, sports and environmental preservation enhances the quality of co-existence between us and our environment; henceforth solidifying our commitment to being an active contributor towards it.

Through social responsibility, the organization can achieve public confidence while maintaining financial success and earning competitive advantages. Social responsibility is the cornerstone of our business plan because, to us, it is not just our obligation but also, and most importantly, our added value. We are aware that one of the most crucial elements of a successful corporate operation is social responsibility, which necessitates a strategic management approach that is focused on various interest groups. This viewpoint fits with our organization’s principles and is part of our development goals.

Fundamental Values 

Merit: We embrace a culture of merit, inclusiveness, and equality in which all people are given an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their gender, family background, ethnicity, religion, or any other social issue.

Truthfulness: At KBOFX, we highly encourage individuals to advocate for the organization's advancement as it fosters transparency and motivates team involvement while building a sense of ownership. We firmly believe that making decisions with consideration for others results in superior outcomes.

Respect: The meaning behind KBOFX is rooted in upholding respect for all, including colleagues, regulators, shareholders, clients and other facets of our operational landscape. Regardless of an individual's job title or hierarchical standing within the company; mutual appreciation remains enduring across every level.

Integrity: To us, trust is paramount in any partnership. We prioritize our stakeholders' confidence by ensuring they are treated justly and equitably. Consequently, we hold ourselves to the utmost levels of integrity and truthfulness. Our adherence to policies and protocols remains resolute as we honour all commitments made while preserving client information privacy diligently.

Transparency: We firmly believe that being accountable to our stakeholders requires us to maintain a high level of transparency. To ensure we continue to thrive, we are committed to upholding these values and strive for excellence in all aspects of business dealings. We hold great importance on receiving feedback from both our team members and partners alike.

Innovation: We constantly strive to innovate. With a futuristic mindset, we question presumptions, welcome change, and consistently look for innovative solutions that benefit our clients. According to this viewpoint, we appreciate innovation and inventiveness by fostering unique thinking and solutions that make the impossibly conceivable.

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